Creating My Colours

Kyley Styles

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A tree’s beauty lies in it’s branches, but it’s strength lies in it’s roots.

Canadian solo artist Kyley Styles stresses the importance of remembering where you came from.

At this point in my life, I can’t possibly know where I’m headed without first reflecting on where I’ve been.

2022 has already been a landmark year for the musician, having taken part in coast to coast music tours across the Canadian Maritimes and Vancouver Island. Since January, he has quietly been dedicating his time in the studio working on a brand new project. He assures fans of his music that 2021’s “Creating My Colours” was merely a building block towards this future 13 song showcase.

What I’m working on will show the natural progression of my personal maturity. At the same time, it’s also a great throwback to my old days. This is the kind of music that really made me feel good as a teenager. These songs are a clear window into my soul. It’s the kind of album I’ve wanted to make – since my first recording at 14 years old. To get this project sounding the way I pictured it in my head, I really had to tap in to my roots. Once again, I had to find that invincible feeling that music gave me as a teenager learning his first chords.

The year 2023 looks even brighter still for Kyley Styles, as he continues to build off the momentum of the Canada-wide RiseUp TV filming. With tours through 3 provinces now complete, the future release of these episodes will expose a much different side to the artist. Momentum continues to build toward filming for a tour across New Zealand in March. For the first time, Kyley will take his solo music to an international plateau.

You’re about to see who I really am both on and off the stage. I always try to put more effort in than the day before. My performances have always been a true reflection of my state of mind. Now my focus is clear, my thoughts are positive, and I try to live every day with certain integrity. I’m meeting every opportunistic challenge with the professionalism it requires. I am starting to become the man I was meant to be.

Even after almost two decades performing his original works on stage, the 36 year old recording artist has not lost a bit of his passion for the business. He promises that the absolute truest showcase of the man and musician, is yet to come. For performer Kyley Styles, having that sense of grounding is a necessary ingredient to making the best songs he possibly can.

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